Scorpions in Gilbert AZ

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Scorpions in Gilbert AZ
There are areas in Gilbert Arizona that has it’s share of pest problems and scorpions. Some neighborhoods have ongoing issues with Scorpions, while a neighborhood a block away may never see a Scorpion.

Scorpions generally hunt at night and use their stinger to paralyze prey. However, if the scorpion is strong enough to overpower its prey, instead of injecting its venom, it will simply hold the prey and eat it alive. This conserves venom, which can take up to 2 weeks to regenerate, during which time the scorpion’s main defense is inactive.

Outdoors during the day, scorpions hide in burrows or debris, under wood, stones, or tree bark, and under floors of buildings in crawl spaces. Indoors scorpions may be found in cracks and crevices of woodwork, behind baseboards, in closets and attics, and inside walls. Scorpions gain entry into buildings through poorly sealed doors and windows, cracks in foundations, attic vents that are not properly screened, and through plumbing and other openings.

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