Crickets will feed on just about anything. How do you get rid of crickets in your home or yard? Call the experts in Tempe Arizona.

Adult crickets spend their days in shallow burrows beneath a stone, clod of dirt or a tuft of plant. They are most active during the night, and that is when males begin their nightly serenading to attract female mates. Females don’t stridulate, or rub special body structures together. A male cricket has a heavy vein with a row of teeth on the underside at the front of each wing. The top of one wing was used as a scraper against the underside of the other wing, like a fingernail drawn along the teeth of a comb. This performance occurs with both wings elevated so that the wing membranes can act as sounding boards. The pitch of the chirps is slightly higher than the highest octave on a piano. Air temperature influences chirping rates; the warmer the night, the faster they chirp. There are special songs for courtship, fighting, and sounding an alarm.


Since crickets “chirp,” you would suspect that they have some kind of “ear” to hear with, and they do. Crickets have a special eardrum for hearing, but it’s not where you’d expect. If you look closely at the front leg right below the elbow, you will see a small pale spot that is the eardrum. It is not well known how precise a cricket’s hearing is, but you can imagine that it’s good enough to hear the song of a potential mate.


A cricket’s life begins as one of about 300 eggs a female lays in the soil during late summer and fall. Some species overwinter successfully as nymphs or adults. Others overwinter as eggs and hatch in the Spring. A year-old cricket is a rarity. Crickets feed on just about anything. They will eat plants, dead insects, seeds, leather, paper and old cloth (especially if the cloth is stained by food or perspiration). They are particularly fond of wool and silk.


Crickets are able to jump up to twenty or thirty times their body length, which is about three feet into the air. Instead of getting a head start, they just stand still and take a big leap. This might seem like it would be hard to you, but to them, it is easy. They weigh much less than we do and their legs are built differently!

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