How to Get Rid of Ant Problems in your Yard and Home

Fire ants are common in Arizona. Mounds start small and gradually grow bigger. Though small, fire ants have a strong bite.

ants1-300x207In Tempe Arizona and the surrounding areas of the East Valley and Maricopa, ants can transform your yard (and even your kitchen) from a relaxing paradise to a place you want to avoid at all costs. While these little varmints may be small in size, they pack a powerful (and painful) bite, not to mention they’re simply a nuisance, particularly when they decide it’s time to come inside. Put any food out on your counter for a split second, and an army of hundreds appear from nowhere.

Instead of tackling the ant infestation yourself, protect your family, your home, your children and your pets by having a Tempe pest control professional handle the job. There are many do-it-yourself options you can try out, but the problem is you may see that about the time you think the ants are gone, they reappear. When you cannot locate every ant hill outdoors or the main source of ants inside your home, a permanent solution seems elusive.

At Pest’R Us, pest control in Arizona is what we do best! Licensed for residential and commercial pest control, we know how to stop those “ferocious” ants in their tracks. Let us take care of your ant problem, so you can continue to indulge in the pleasures of summer (yes, even going barefoot).

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