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"I am so grateful to have found Pest'R Us in 2007! Their customer service cannot be beat! I am always excited to have the opportunity to recommend them because of their honest to goodness service."

Holly L


Holly L

“I am so grateful to have found Pest’R Us i View Full →

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..."Your generosity and client service are parallel to no one I run into within the service arena. Your friendliness, dedication and customer spirit have proven that as long as we reside in AZ you will be our partner for all pest control needs."




…”Your generosity and client service are pa View Full →


"These guys are incredible. We had a huge ordeal with cockroaches going on only to later find out a much bigger problem going on in the house contributing to the nasty suckers. Anyways, they came out as soon as they knew what was going on and took the time to answer any and all questions we had (we had lots having a newborn in the house). They may be slightly more than other companies, but they've earned my referral because I know I can trust in them in an emergent situation. Very personable and confident in what they do. Awesome! Definitely recommend."




“These guys are incredible. We had a huge ordeal View Full →


"I moved to AZ from Seattle and the whole bug thing is new to me. We hired Eric and his team to spray the home we were going to be renting prior to moving in and use their monthly service. They are awesome. Always on time, friendly, cost effective....I HIGHLY recommend."




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One of the Best Pest Control Companies in Arizona

“Their customer service cannot be beat!”

Since 2011 Ranking of Arizona Names Pest'R Us Exterminating one of the best. Ranking Arizona is the largest online opinion poll in Arizona.

Since 2011 Ranking of Arizona Names Pest’R Us Exterminating one of the best.
Ranking Arizona is the largest online opinion poll in Arizona.

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been serving residents and businesses in the valley areas of Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Maricopa county for 20 years, and feel our reputation as “one of the best” stems directly from our high customer satisfaction rating and exceptional services.

We know that when you have uninvited guests, such as ants, bees, scorpion problems and more, you don’t want to see your pest control technician go out the front door as those pests come marching in the back door!

Courteous, reliable and professional, Pest’R Us is the preferred pest control company for home owners and businesses for over two decades.

Great prices, unbeatable results and professional techs. What more could you ask for? Give Pest’R Us a call today at 480.598.9898, and send those bugs packing.


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