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Got Scorpions? No problem for the Pest’R Us guys!

“Their customer service cannot be beat!”
There is a reason why Pest’R Us is one of the preferred pest exterminating companies in Phoenix, Arizona!

Call the licensed and insured pros at Pest R Us today for all your residential and commercial needs and receive $10.00 off your initial rate!  Click here to download coupon.

Professional, reliable, courteous!
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Got Scorpions? No problem for the Pest’R Us guys!


Pest’R Us Featured In and News 15

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In an industry where dusty footprints, rearranged trash cans and unlocked gates are typical signs of a technician’s presence, Pest’R Us Exterminating owner Eric Papadeas leaves behind an unusual calling card.

For 20 years, the Tempe business owner has gone into customers’ bathrooms and folded the sides of the top square of toilet paper into a neat point. This and the ensuing absence of various pests are the only pieces of evidence Papadeas has been there.

Pest'R Us discusses the Scorpion problems after Monsoon storms

We Are:
• BBB A+ Rating
• Licensed for Residential and Commercial Pest Control
• Skilled in the Application Process (All of our chemicals are safe for children, the elderly and pets.)
• Knowledgeable & Experienced
• Friendly & Dependable

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Refer a new client to Pest'R Us and receive a free general pest service on your service the following month.

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Download our web coupon for new Pest'R Us customers.

It's a winning combination for everyone!

One of the Best Pest Control Companies in Arizona and no contracts to sign!

We're proud of the fact that we've been serving residents and businesses in the valley areas of Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and Maricopa county for 20 years, and feel our reputation as "one of the best" stems directly from our high customer satisfaction rating and exceptional services. We know that when you have ant, bee or scorpion problems, you don't want to see your pest control technician go out the front door as those pests come marching in the back door.

No contracts to sign. We offer month to month service, because we know you will be so satisfied with our service we don't have to "lock you in" with a contract. Great prices, unbeatable results and friendly techs. What more could you ask for? Give Pest'R US a call today at 480.598.9898, and send those bugs packing.

“Their customer service cannot be beat!”

I am so grateful to have found Pest’R Us in 2007! Their customer service cannot be beat! I am always excited to have the opportunity to recommend them because of their honest to goodness service. Their integrity is number #1 and don’t have to enter into a contractual agreement larger companies need.
-Holly L

Now that’s SERVICE!!

Thank you for 20 years of great service at my home and at the Arizona Pet Resort. The 20th Anniversary party was great and wishing you many more years Eric.
- Dave

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